One of the games greats

It’s cold, dark a lot of the time and a lot to do. Yep it’s December and Christmas is just around the corner. But one of the things that makes this time of the year special is not the anticipation of Santa Claus but getting a glimpse of the hot, bright and summery sports we adore. Cricket. Especially from Australia.

Cricket lovely cricket! How I miss the long days of hot sun and the sound of leather on willow, cream teas,tea, cold lager and a day spent idly in shorts and T-shirts.

It is therefore time to pay tribute to one of the games greats who has dominated from the past decades and has been England’s biggest opponent and has decided to retire. Ricky Ponting. At the time of the announcement, the second highest run scorer in Test cricket.

I’ve seen Ponting quite a few times, mainly at Birmingham, but mainly compiling big hundreds against us and being the very essence of an Australian – gritty, determined and bloody obnoxious when winning so much so it hurts, How much better then to see him lose in our own backyard of Edgbaston?

But this player was one of the golden age of Australian cricketers and he deserves our warm applause for being one of the very best Australians to ply his trade on these shores and we should be grateful for that. If you weren’t there in 2005, or are not a cricket lover, I can only say that there are events in life that you have to be there for and this test match was one of them.

Thank you Ricky Ponting.


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