Wythall or without you

A Man in his natural element

Today we have been with the geeks bus enthusiasts from Walsall Wood on a visit to The Wythall Transport Museum. Yes, a day out with The Stymaster & Mistress to follow up the bus driving experience.

For a Bank Holiday it was a very good day out only really marred by the unpredictable weather and the geeks bus enthusiasts who, amongst all  transport devotees, strike me as being somewhat queer  “odd”.

For a start off, they we always rude in not asking you to move out of the way for a photo of their favourite bus and second, queuing up for a ride on a bus seemed a bit bizarre as catching a bus seemed such an everyday thing to do, but they were determined to ride the lot. And seemed a bit “secretive” about it. As if they were indulging in a guilty pleasure. I couldn’t get worked up myself but I did enjoy the trip on the Midland Red one we caught for a ride out to Henley -in-Arden. Aren’t there some big houses there?

However, it does seem to me that buses were more comfortable than nowadays even though the mechanics have improved somewhat.

Overall, a good day out with some people who appreciate Public transport for what it is – an essential part of the fabric of our society. And something that should return to public ownership in my opinion.


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3 Responses to Wythall or without you

  1. stymaster

    It’s very noticeable that an old (40s-80s) bus has enough legroom for me, unlike current NXWM buses, built for midgets.

  2. More comfortable and practical as well I think, apart from getting wheelchairs.

  3. xyzdave53

    Wheelchairs were catered for by the open doorways. You simple hooked an umbrella road the pole and hung on and rode for free :)