The Riddle of the Third Mile by Colin Dexter

Another one in the Morse series I’m trying to plough through and one more set around Oxfords’ academia than some of the others. Read the synopsis here if you can’t be bothered reading it yourself.

Quite complicated an I never really knew if I understood how we arrived at the ending as Dexter keeps you guessing about the real identity of the victims.

Well worth a read though.

#Pub 29: The Three Crowns, Willenhall


Thumbs up for this pub!

We rated this pub as a 4/5 despite the real ale turning out sour which was a shame as I really like this pub. The décor is excellent as is the landlord and landlady and the atmosphere is tremendous even on a late Saturday night. Well worth a return next year!

#Pub 28: The Falcon, Willenhall


The Falcon

Now this pub is a bit of a legend mainly due to it’s reputation for real ale and it didn’t disappoint.

However, some argument eschewed as I’ve always found this pub a bit cold and unwelcoming but as it was the best beer of the night a 4/5 was a fair reflection.

#Pub 27: The Castle, Willenhall

The Castle WillenhallAn easy 4/5 as it was smart, interesting layout, atmosphere pleasant and a good range of ales. What else could you want? Landlady a bit hostile though.

Pub #26: The Ring of Bells, Willenhall


Outside the Ring of Bells

How this pub has fallen from grace in the past decade.Once one of my favourite haunts, we had to endure the screaming kids, lairy customers, loud music and beer from a tin!
2/5 only because of its interesting décor.

Pub #25: The Prince of Wales, Willenhall


Pete the landlord

This pub deserves better. An easy 3/5 but the word “dingy” was rather apt as the décor left something to be desired. Also, the lack of customers meant that the choice of beer was rather limited but we still ended up with Pedigree even if it was gas pulled. The few locals in there were friendly and the landlord was excellent.

Given the right treatment, this pub could rival The Vine. However, having to find an open door to get in doesn’t help matters. Glad we made the effort to walk there though.

A maelstrom of emotions

These past few weeks have been a tumult of emotions. If you had three parameters in your life – family, work, love life – my ratings would be -5 for family, +10 for work and -10 for love life.

However, I have been considerably cheered by some good friends and visits to The Cricket at Cheltenham was excellent of somewhat tiring. Saturday’s #100pubsin2015 was surprising as I’ve drunk in Willenhall for years and I didn’t realise how many good pubs there are now and what a small mecca of real ale the place has become since I moved to The Country.

Today I have been to see my Cousin for his Birthday and ran into his Dad so there has been much mirth and messing about which has cheered me up a lot. So with an imminent birth counteracting my Mothers ill health, the family aspect is somewhat ameliorated. Work is going very well at present for the first time but my love life prospects have hit the buffers somewhat. It appears that the woman from Bilston would rather paint the bathroom than come out for a beer. Well, you can’t win them all and yes, its doesn’t look good on the CV.

Pub #24: The County, Willenhall

The CountyOne of Willenhall’s best pubs, and easily rated a 4/5. Good selection of beer and big enough to cater for a band in one room and a quiet drink in the lounge. As it’s a pub from my past, I used to see one of my Aunts here, I’ve always liked it and it still retains its charm. Good architicture too inside.

Pub #23: The Crown, Willenhall

This pub has always been a doyen for Banks’s drinkers and is a lot livelier than it used to be which is good because it is a really friendly pub. Despite the karaoke in the bar, there was a very smart garden that we sat in and thus the pub scored 4/5, scarily making Willenhall a top rated drinking town.