Of Beer, Rugby and Cousins

This weekend has been great living in the village – oddly enough as you wouldn’t guess it for a small village north of the metropolis of Wolverhampton. But yes, there it is.

Friday night I decided to venture to Willenhall Rugby Club to watch the New Zealand game as they have excellent beer there. True enough, there was Old Hooky but hardly any members. Despite that, I ended up drinking with some of the hardened members and made some new friends. All good.

Saturday was always marked up in my mind as being a dangerous day as my Uncle was up form Wales and as it was his birthday, beer with the Cousins meant a session in the Family Pub. And five six pints later, we emerged quite merry. However, the sting in the tail was that I’d persuaded the neighbour to go with me to Essington Rugby Club to watch us beat lose to the Aussies as we indeed did. Bugger.

To drown our sorrows, we decanted to The Min where the Steady Eddies were in full swing and what a great band! I eventually wobbled home at 12.30 with a decidedly drunken neighbour.

So two great events and only one hangover! And the bonus was there was only one bus trip involved and I don’t remember much about that. The new 71 does go a weird way though.But what do you expect from the Germans?

In with the Stibbs’s out with the Yeoman’s

This weekend has been one largely involved with socialising with the neighbours, some I’ve never met before.

Friday night was the re-opening of Essington RUFC’s clubhouse and me, the Brother-in-law and The Nephew went along to watch the opening game of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Our MP was there so I buttonholed him about things and the event was finished off with Duffers band playing for an hour.

My Sister and Niece also joined in and we met their friends who live the back of my house – The Stibbs’s – as well as all the ones I’ve got to know at the club. This was also my Nieces last engagement before starting University today.

There we met a lot of the villagers and when that finished, off we decamped to The Min where we met up with even more of the locals – The Yeoman’s. I eventually made it home at 1.30 in the morning leaving the Sibbs’s and The Yeomans to fight over the last pint. A great night out though. and good to have The Min back.



War again…

This sabre-rattling government is about to ask Parliament to approve our 6th overseas military intervention in twenty years…
This time, we are heading for Syria…but on whose side? The regime? ISIS?
Surely, the enemy here is both sides – just what the hell is Cameron planning to do?

Back to the bad

At least we have honest politics to a degree again now Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party and a step back in the the dark days of the 1980’s. Here’s a good summary of the position from the US: NY Times Article.

Most people in Britain have moved on from this agenda as most humans are just plain greedy. And the question that the electorate has voted for this year is that people will have to work for their money, not have everything given to them on a plate without having to get out of bed for it. Also, our useless Foreign Policy pursued by Blair has created a situation whereby we can’t be denuded of either nuclear weapons or membership of NATO as so many people want to take us down. Only last week, Russia overflew our airspace as they did everyday in the 1980’s. If you don’t recognise this threat, you are stupidly blind. Ukraine is still a crisis that endures and hasn’t gone away just because 1m Syrians have walked away from a situation reminiscent of the French and Belgians in WWII. What is the point of having the best healthcare and education system in the world if somebody else wants your country? Answer that Mr Corbyn.

Although we have an honest separation of space now between the political parties and that’s welcome – no more Red Tories – it will mean more years of Tory rule and this is a bad thing as it just encourages arrogance. The electorate will just suffer – again.

If Corbyn really wants to do something good for the country, change the voting system so we have more of a day to day say in things that matter in the country. Otherwise we’re just going to carry on substituting one bunch of idiots for another.


#Pub 63: The Prince, Walsall

Disappointing pub in all respects despite it’s inviting appearance. Inside, it felt like a pub that could be much more but was in fact rather dull. It did have two rooms so you could escape the disco but the beer offering was limited. It would be a shame if it failed but given the limited outlook of the landlord and the beer company, you can’t see this pub getting any better soon.


#Pub 62: Rock Steady Eddies, Walsall

This is really a type of social club focussing on sport. A bit antiseptic really and standard Heinekein offerings on the beer front.



#Pub 61: The Pretty Bricks, Walsall

One of Walsall’s best pubs and an easy 5/5. Warm, cosy especially in the winter, it has all the qualities of a proper traditional pub and one not to be missed.

Usual Black Country Ales with plenty of guest beers and well worth a visit even if the pubs is slightly out of town and a bit hard to find with out satnav or a local.


#Pub 60: The Oak Inn, Walsall

The OakEDL HQ and on the the outside not promising. The real Ale was non-existent but actually, it was quite a relaxed pub and despite fearing an “Angel” episode, it was a lot better. It has fallen a bit from it’s heyday though as it used to be a quiet pub that served really good cask Bass.

We left though when the disco got going as it was on Old Minerva proportions.


#Pub 59: The Brewers Fayre,Walsall

Brewers FayreAs this was half way round on this tour, we needed feeding and this was an acceptable stop off. Some debate, but not much, about whether this would count as a pub but I think the Celtic Convention would apply. Not a bad pint of Doombar as as it was about the second best Real Ale on this trip, an easy 3/5.

If you’re after food, you could do a lot worse than this – I thought the food was good and the staff very friendly.